Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oxfam Trailwalker 2011 COMPLETE!

An amazing team challenge WE DID IT!  25 hours and 34 minutes.  Awesome to get tweets, facebook messages and texts along the way.  We had the most amazing support crew and the campervan was a lifesaver:-)  We all have stories to tell about our adventure but for now a few photos until we have time to get more organised...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Safety Briefing - The start line is nearly here!!!

1 more sleep!!!! We are still laughing and some of us having a wee nervous wine before bed. Follow our progress throughout the day here. THANKS SO MUCH to everyone - we have had amazing support from our whānau, friends and colleagues throughout this journey. Special thanks to Neil, Chloe, Joshua, Scott, Jordan, Kesia, Steve, Milly, Ian, Milly, Noah and Jack - our immediate families who have been so kind and understanding as we have walked our weekends away. HEAPS of love and thanks to our support crew - Rose, Hugh, Neil, Chloe, Josh, Steve and Scott - we hope you will still love us at the end:-)

Here we are with Sylvia from Central Boganville who carries a 30kg of jerry can of water to her family twice a day. OXFAM is an amazing organisation:-)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The things we do along the way:-)

Paper delivery girls in action! Just a two hour walk today and added in Jordan's paper run along the way! Multi-tasking is all part of the training as busy Mum's! Countdown now until next weekend OXFAM TRAILWALK. The Adventure Angels are very excited:-) You can follow our adventures here.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Whau Valley/Maunu and Beyond!

A 8 hour walk on the agenda for today.  Headed up to Whau Valley Dam and made our way through to Maunu - blind leading the blind as we found our way along forestry roads rather than the bush track we had in mind!  Managed to find our way out the other end and then explored the Coronation Reserve - heading in at the Art Quarry and coming out at the Russell Road quarry.  Finished off around Parihaka and AH Reed tracks:-)  The countdown is on - just one more LONG walk to go and then tapering down before Oxfam!

 Check out the poles:-)
 The incredible views from the top:-)
 Heading to the Trig

Relay 4 Life - 135 laps!

 Relay 4 Life provided us with a totally different type of training.  Check out the people we got to train with!!!  We were part of a Whangarei Fire Service team walking and talking to raise money for Northland cancer patients.  An incredible amount of teams put time and energy into fundraising and then walking on the day.  A 400 metre track (or 450m according to our GPS), plenty of entertainment and opportunities to walk alongside family and friends made this a training experience not to be missed!
 Jacque with Chloe dancing along behind!
 Lynfa and Janet - a great walking companion!
 Our girls - Chloe, Kesia and Milly:-)
 Betty walked her fair share of laps and enjoyed her music and our talking along the way.
Taking a break for the candle lighting ceremony at 9pm.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cape Brett

We were all really looking forward to this walk - great challenge and incredible views!!  It certainly was a challenge but sadly the weather didn't play the game and the views weren't so great!  Will be a walk we do again on a sunny summer's day:-)

Views on the drive up to Parekura - Friday night..
 Views from Beth's house - THANKS so much for your hospitality - perfect place to stay for an early morning start on the Cape Brett track:-)
 Early Saturday morning... perhaps it's going to be a nice day after all!
Lynfa, Jacque and Barts - a few hills conquered..
 Tarnz, Jacque and Barts..
 A break in the weather:-(
 Imagine if the sky had been blue!
 Incredible waterfalls - there were heaps but couldn't see what I was taking a photo of with the camera all fogged up!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend of Walking:-) Saturday 6 hours

Incredibly tough walk today from Urquharts Bay to Ocean Beach. Climbing Mt Lion and the Te Whara/Bream Head Summit. Luckily it was the perfect day for walking and the views SPECTACULAR! What a fantastic place we live in:-)
Very hard to choose a few photos to post here. Would thoroughly recommend this walk!

Weekend of Walking:-) Friday Night 7 hours...

Jacque climbing over the pile of rubbish at the start of the Memorial Drive track!!!  Who are these people that dump their !@#$!!!!
Heading up the stairs on the Ross Track.
Walking along the Hatea River....
Heading down Mt Parihaka...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Adventure Angels Adventures - Abseiling and Caving

An incredible day at Whangarei Falls and Abbey Caves - abseiling and caving as our major fundraiser for OXFAM! HUGE THANKS to all our friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues and tourists for joining us on this day:-) Our heartfelt thanks to Anna and Smithy for giving up their day to share their expertise and passion for Caving/Abseiling with us. The feedback has been incredible - an awesome experience for so many people! Check out our movie of the day....

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jacque training in Sydney!

Dedication plus... Jacque walked for 7 hours one day and 4 hours the next while holidaying in Sydney!  Check out some of her shots:-)