Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Relay 4 Life - 135 laps!

 Relay 4 Life provided us with a totally different type of training.  Check out the people we got to train with!!!  We were part of a Whangarei Fire Service team walking and talking to raise money for Northland cancer patients.  An incredible amount of teams put time and energy into fundraising and then walking on the day.  A 400 metre track (or 450m according to our GPS), plenty of entertainment and opportunities to walk alongside family and friends made this a training experience not to be missed!
 Jacque with Chloe dancing along behind!
 Lynfa and Janet - a great walking companion!
 Our girls - Chloe, Kesia and Milly:-)
 Betty walked her fair share of laps and enjoyed her music and our talking along the way.
Taking a break for the candle lighting ceremony at 9pm.

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